Life Medical Home Care Services has provided home medical supplies and equipment services to patients within Los Angeles and Orange County for over a decade. Life Medical products and services include; home respiratory therapy, medical equipment/supplies, and custom rehabilitation wheelchairs.

During our 10-year tenure, we have seen many changes in the provision of medical supplies and equipment. We have seen the consolidation of medical equipment providers into large conglomerates. Life Medical continues to be a constant within the provision of services in this field. We began in 1991 and continue to operate today, as a privately owned and operated business. The philosophies that enabled us to celebrate over 10 years of service remain today.

Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed the medical equipment and supply needs of our customers.


Life Medical expressly designates the entire contents of this proposal, which contains proprietary and trade secret information, as confidential.


We provide a wide range of hospital beds and accessories to help improve the quality of life for patients with special needs. Patient room items include semi & full electric beds with safety rails, trapeze bars, alternating pressure pads/low air loss mattress systems and other related equipment.


We are committed to providing only highest quality products that are designed with the rider's mobility needs in mind. Our selection of wheelchairs includes but is not limited to standard, lightweight and extra wide sizes. We offer a large variety to meet a patient's specific needs including; correct seating and positioning, physical activities, upper body weakness and all other daily needs.

Additionally, wheelchairs have optional features such as detachable foot and/or arm rests and elevating leg rests.


For patients who need supplemental oxygen therapy at home, Life Medical offers multiple options for oxygen systems to meet patients' medical and lifestyle needs. All oxygen and respiratory services are provided under the direction of our credentialed Respiratory Therapists. Life Medical RT's assess our client's medical status and equipment needs, then instruct on the use and care of each piece of equipment. Follow-up home visits are scheduled to provide additional instruction, if necessary, and to monitor client status with written reports. Periodic maintenance is performed on a scheduled basis for all equipment.


We provide services to patients with a wide variety of respiratory conditions, including obstructive sleep apnea, asthma and bronchitis. We stock several manufacture brands of nebulizers and cpaps to accommodate patient needs and physicians treatment plan. A trained respiratory therapist or qualified delivery technician does all set up of respiratory equipment.


Patients suffering from heart disease, adult onset diabetes and other diseases can sometimes be managed, allowing patients a full and productive life. Life Medical provides helpful diagnostic products including glucose monitors, blood pressure kits and other several other products.


Bathroom safety and convenience is an important issue to all patients requiring assistance in this area. Life Medical provides various products such as grab bars, raised toilet seats, transfer benches and all other related items. Properly utilized, these items give good support and added stability, thus reducing patient accidents and injuries due to slipping and/or loss of balance.


To accommodate patient's needs, Life Medical is a major supplier of incontinence and urology supplies throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. We are one of the few independent home care companies that specialize in this area. Our knowledge and selection of supplies are second to none. Our incontinence and urology inventory includes adult diapers, under pads, creams, catheters, irrigation trays and leg bags from almost every manufacture.


Life Medical's Rehab Technology Specialist (RTS) provide expertise in assistive/rehabilitation technology in the areas of wheeled mobility and other related equipment. Our RTS perform evaluations in conjunction with other healthcare professionals involved in the patient's care and rehabilitation. Life Medical large database can assist in recommending the right equipment tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient.


Life Medical is available when you need us. We are locally operated and our specially trained Delivery Technicians deliver, setup and provide thorough instructions on all equipment. For special needs we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our full service repair facilities are staffed by factory-trained Service Technicians who maintain all our equipment; as well as, the special needs of our customers.

Life Medical services and repairs to all medical equipment rented or sold. Our repair technicians certify each piece in accordance with the manufacturers original specifications. All tests, repairs, maintenance, and/or modifications to each piece of medical equipment are carefully documented and records maintained in accordance with nationally accepted standards.


We are committed to providing only the highest quality medical equipment services. Toward that end, the company has implemented an extensive quality assurance program which includes the following components:

Prospective - Recruitment, hiring, screening and orientation
Immediate - Continuing education

Retrospective - Invoice audits, complaint and compliment investigation, quality council and customer feedback



Life Medical was proud to receive accreditation last year by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The accreditation was awarded after an exhaustive application process and on-site review by nationally experts in the home care field.


We maintain policies of comprehensive general liability, products liability, professional liability and other insurance necessary to insure it and its employees against any claim or claims for damages arising by reason of personal injuries or death occasioned directly or indirectly in connection with any Service or Product provided by Life Medical. The professional liability and comprehensive general liability insurance maintained is one million dollars per occurrence with an aggregate of three million dollars.


Life Medical understands the importance of a proper and efficient transition from the hospital to care at home. Therefore, as part of the discharge process, our customer service department will work closely with the hospital medical staff to ensure continuity of care for each patient in accordance with the physicians written orders.


Our Accounts Management System is fully integrated within our dedicated local area network system. This system provides unparalleled efficiency, from data collection beginning in our Customer Service Department, through the invoicing process, to the completion of the billing process. Once all account information is entered and verified an appropriate electronic or paper invoice is generated. Depending on the customers and/or patients needs.


Life Medical provides its people with the tools necessary to effectively manage the company's growing medical equipment services. At Life Medical, understanding and serving the needs of our customers is the essential ingredient to a long-term relationship.